Uganda Refugee SRHR

Who we are

The Uganda refugee SRHR Alliance has four member organizations and still growing and aims to build stronger and more inclusive Uganda refugee SRHR alliance that will advocate for improved access to comprehensive SRH and information as well as SRHR services for young including refugees in Uganda.

What we do

The objective of the Uganda refugee SRHR alliance is to strengthen refugee SRHR networks for advocacy and improve access to SHR services.

Key projects and milestones:

  • The Uganda refugee SRHR alliance has organized 26 SRHR awareness campaigns
  • The alliance members have provided SRH services to 850,000 people including refugees
  • Support SRHR policy and implementation
  • Gathering and collating evidence for SRHR decision making
  • Supported ending early marriages and Gender based violence amongst refugees

Uganda Refugee SRHR Alliance members

Wakisa Development
Initiative (WDI)

Alliance added value:

Local CSO membership and use of local bottom up approaches for sustainability; use of a Volunteerism for Development (VfD) approach that promotes inclusion and emphasizes disability, age, gender, and non binary identities whilst addressing discrimination and harmful social norms/practices; promotion of empowerment, voice, and choice of young people;  A human rights approach to the provision of SRH services, including the right of all persons to the highest attainable standard of health. Use of inclusive life cycle approach that promotes the provision of integrated high quality, person-centered, comprehensive services that reaches those hardest to reach; a strong focus on results/impact and use of a comprehensive Value for Money (VfM) framework to promote efficiency during the implementation of the Uganda refugee SRHR alliance activities

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